Understanding All of the Services and Benefits of Boston Property Management

Understanding All Services and the Benefits of Management
Understanding All Services and the Benefits of Management

How it Works:

We work with all types of landlords ranging from individual condominium units up through large buildings. You will get numerous opportunities to perform all types of exciting projects and management opportunities. Come work in a fast paced and positive environment with a great team!

  • Marketing your investment and rental property to minimize vacancies and maximize income (Our Greater Boston Property managers are highly skilled at knowing the leasing markets, what comparable properties are renting for, and how to achieve the highest rents possible for your rental property. With over 60 proprietary Boston Area websites keenly focused on real estate, we possess the in depth marketing know-how to reach potential renters, and they have the experience and resources to avoid renting to potential bad renters).
  • Fill your property vacancies with the best possible tenants; We run complete: credit, employment verification and background checks.
  • Maintain, manage and renovate your Boston area Property (if necessary) to keep your rental property in great condition and gathering the highest rental and leasing income (Our Boston Property managers coordinate and handle routine as well as emergency repairs. They have the experience to avoid unnecessary repairs and work with and negotiate with numerous contractors to save you money).
  • We use professional accounting methods to track income and expenses to determine your profitability and future property development and acquiring needs.
  • Boston Property management handles all your leasing agreements, including all appropriate paperwork to provide maximum protection, on all issues related gathering your income and protecting your property.
  • Our Property Managers can collect all your rental income from all your properties and provide you with ONE check each month as well as identify and track any late tenant deposits.
  • Our managers fully Comply with federal, state and local laws and sends out proactive emails to tenants regarding any new changes in the law or building updates.
  • We appropriately respond to all tenant requests and deal with problem tenants.